EU-US Summit discussed fighting terrorism, little on trade

The EU and US agreed they “had a good discussion on the common challenges facing the United States and the European Union”. Most time was spent on the Middle East and the fight against terrorism, little was agreed on trade issues.

The main outcomes of the summit are:

  • Mr George W. Bush urged EU leaders to stop the economic dispute between the US and the EU by recalling their co-operation in the war on terror;
  • Mr Bush said the US would start adapting its tax break for US exporters following the WTO rule, although not mentioning the steel dispute;
  • Mr José Maria Aznar, representing the EU, said it was their "expectation and hope" that the EU and US would resolve their trade disputes in a way "which will naturally safeguard the fundamental interests of both sides and in compliance with the WTO".
  • on the Middle-East, the US and the EU said they "share a common vision of two states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side in peace and security";

Some summarised the outcome of the Summit as "agreeing to disagree", especially on trade issues.


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