European industry comments on IPP

European industry presents views on instruments proposed in the Green Paper on Integrated Product Policy

Price Mechanism

  • Reservations with regard to the feasibility of introduction of
    instruments such as differentiated taxation or environmental taxes
    and charges, and their practical implications and consequences for
    European industry.

Environmental Labelling

  • Should remain a voluntary instrument. Under no circumstances
    should it be made quasi-obligatory by establishing links to public
    procurement legislation or differentiated taxation.

Green Public Procurement

  • Believes that a clear distinction has to be drawn between the
    specification of eco-criteria in the subject matter of public
    contracts and the use of environmental characteristics as a
    decision-making criterion for favouring one tender over

LCA and Eco-Design

  • Sees LCA as an indispensable component of IPP.
  • Stresses LCA must remain an internal tool to be used by
    companies on a voluntary basis.
  • Welcomes initiatives that promote the development,
    dissemination and application of best practices.

Standardisation and New Approach

  • Open to discussing ways of using the standardisation
  • Recognises its potential to deliver flexible and innovative
    solutions within the framework of IPP.

Product Panels

  • Recognises the potential of stakeholder fora to identify
    opportunities for the improvement of products but emphasises that
    their effectiveness depends primarily on the way they are set up in

Environmental Management Systems

  • Believes that the management approach should form a central
    element of the future strategy to move towards sustainable product
    policy in Europe.


UNICE presented its views on instruments proposed in the
Green Paper on Integrated Product Policy in a position paper
published on 4 July 2001. The paper highlights the industry's firm
commitment to continuous improvement of product performance based
on a strategy that integrates the three pillars of sustainable


In February 2001, the Commission presented a Green Paper on
Integrated Product Policy (IPP). The paper presented a strategy for
promoting the development of environmentally sound products. IPP
has been named as one of the major innovative elements of the 6th
Environmental Action Programme.


The results of the IPP conference on March 8th and 9th 2001,
written contributions from stakeholders and conclusions from the
Environment Council (7-8 June) will be used in the preparation of a
Commission Communication on IPP. The Communication is expected to
be produced in the latter half of 2001. The Commission foresees
issuing a White Paper by late 2001.


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