Comments on: EU’s next top model could unlock Paris Agreement EU news and policy debates across languages Tue, 19 Feb 2019 19:52:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: Mike Parr Tue, 17 Jul 2018 07:14:59 +0000 A simple question: are the targets embedded in the Paris Agreement sufficient? (i.e. limiting temp rise to 1.5C). I’d suggest not. But that’s me. & so to the EU’s mid-century climate plan. By the way, I chose not to attend the kick-off event for the simple reason that there was no substantive discussion on “how will the plan be financed”. Whilst there will be those that say “well yes but the plan has yet to be formulated” – correct – but working on the basis that is will require very substantive amount of money – where will this come from? & from the Commission? – the sound of silence.

Moving to the trivial – PRIMES has been discredited for more than a decade – an EWEA report from 2012 or 2014 (forward by Christopher Jones) accused PRIMES of lying to member states. Strong stuff – & yet the EC still “sort of” uses this piece of Greek operated garbage (yes I’m talking about you Tech Uni of Athens).

As for discount rates: these should be a function of interest rates – remind me where these stand, 0.5% is it? Using 10% thus means that you are against energy efficiency (EE). One wonders why the EC is against energy efficiency. Or perhaps it is individuals in DG Energy who oppose energy efficiency? Just asking.

Moving forwards & into the land of chicken and egg: which comes first an EE target that unlocks finance (pray do tell: how does it do that?) or is there a need for substantive finance that facilitates achieving a target ? The EC’s own data says that 75% of all buildings in the EU need to be energy renovated – that is a lotta buildings that need a lotta money spending on them – targets or no. Where does the money come from? Who knows – maybe the Energy Economist expert group will discuss this – money.

Mr Riley noted that the EC may be “overpricing energy efficiency investments”. Grounding this statement: my partner had a quote for the external insulation of her house – Euro36k – ouch. That is a very large amount of money. 75% of the residential sector in the EU needs that sort of money spending (let’s say in the range Euro10k through to the Euro36k mentioned above per dwelling). How is this funded? Does my partner empty her piggy bank to pay for it? Ditto everybody else? Bankster loan? (ouch). What happens if loads of people want a bankster loan for energy renno? lots of happy banksters? Another bankster induced financial crash (due to more bankster fun & games)? Just asking – & the reason I’m “just asking” is, oddly, that I do not notice anybody else “just asking” these sort of questions.

In the case of climate losses – I’m sure they will rise – but not mentioned is the Euro365 billion per year that the EU hoses for fossil fuels at assorted camel jockys and Russian mafiosi types – energy efficiency actions worthy of the name – would reduce this number substantively – which surely is a good thing? Or maybe the EU is in business to keep Vlad & his mates and the Saudi’s in business?

Questions, questions – but if you ain’t answering the money question (how do we fund the plan) as part of formulating the plan then you are on the Titanic, you have hit the iceberg & you are, as a response, rearranging the deck chairs.