First stakeholders’ meeting on European health and environment strategy

On 11 July, the Commission will host a first stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the European health and environment strategy.

To tackle the problem of increasing illnesses linked to environmental factors, the Commission presented on 11 June a European strategy for health and environment. (SeeEURACTIV, 11 June 2003). This strategy (with the acronym SCALE) will be further developed with stakeholders and lead to an Action Plan 2004-2010.

On 11 July, the Commission will host a first meeting with stakeholders on the European health and environment strategy in Brussels. This meeting aims to establish working groups as well as a consultative group and to determine their role and functioning. These working-groups will participate in three regional conferences (in Brussels, Italy and Poland) and help the Commission to determine the action details of the health and environment strategy.

Following this meeting, the Commission will create an environment and health website which stakeholders can consult to be regularly updated on the development of this strategy.

The Commission aims to adopt its Action Plan for 2004-2010 in Spring 2004. It will be presented to the Inter-Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Budapest in June 2004.


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