Fischler under attack at Fisheries Council

At the Fisheries Council on 11 June, Commissioner Fischler was strongly criticised by a number of Member States for the Commission’s far-reaching proposal to reform the EU’s common fisheries policy.

On 11 June, the Fisheries Council held a first debate on the new proposal. The aim of the proposal is to move towards a more sustainable fishery and stabilise the declining fish stocks. However, the opponents of the reform claimed that the proposal does not take enough consideration of the socio-economic problems it will cause. Spain and Portugal stated that abolishing the aid for modernisation of the fleets would be unacceptable, and that the measures would hit certain Member States unfairly.

Also countries that in general are in favour of a drastic reform, were critical to the multiannual programmes proposed by the Commission, which they believed would transfer power from the Council to the Commission.


On 28 May 2002, the Commission issued a controversial proposal for the reform of the EU's common fisheries policy (CFP). The publication was preceded by months of battles between the Commission and certain Member States, in particular Spain, supported by Ireland, Italy, Greece, France and Portugal. (see EURACTIV28 May 2002)


The Fisheries Council will meet under the Danish Presidency on 14 October, 18 November and 16 December.



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