Greenpeace and Schröder remind Bush of Kyoto promise

Greenpeace and German Chancellor Schröder send message to US President Bush demanding adherence to Kyoto protocol

Greenpeace Belgium and Greenpeace Europe delivered a letter on 20 March to the US Embassy in Belgium in protest against US President Bush's stance on the issue of climate change and the Kyoto protocol (1997). Several other Greenpeace national offices have sent similar letters to US embassies around the world.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder joined suit this week demanding President Bush adhere to the environmental protocols of Kyoto. Mr Schröder would like to work together with French President Jacques to lead other EU Member States at the Stockholm Summit (23-24 March) in an attempt to reach a common agreement on climate change and the Kyoto protocol.

Greenpeace and Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's reaction had been prompted by President Bush's announcement that the US Administration will not adhere to the emission standards laid down in the Kyoto Protocol (see

EURACTIV 15 March 2001). American Vice President Dick Cheney said on Wednesday 21 March that the world should build more nuclear power plants to deal with global warming. According to Cheney, nuclear energy, not Kyoto, is the answer to reduce greenhouse gases.

Climate change will be one of the focal points of the Gothenburg Summit in June. Environmental protection is one of Sweden's top priorities during its presidency of the EU. Countries will continue to negotiate the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in July in Bonn.


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