Life+ funding to improve implementation and communication

A new LIFE+ funding instrument, with a budget of 2.19 billion euro
over the period 2007-13, will focus on better implementation,
governance and communication of environmental policies.

The new LIFE+ funding programme will be started from 2007 and
run until 2013. It will have a budget of roughly 300 million euros
per year. The projects funded will support the priorities of the
6th Environmental Action Programme.

The Commission wants to focus LIFE+ on two strands: 

  • ‘Implementation and Governance’, to consolidate the knowledge
    base and help Member States get better and quicker results in
    applying EU environment policy;
  • ‘Information and Communication’ to raise environmental
    awareness and share best practices e.g. by supporting events such
    as the successful EU Mobility Week. 

The procedures to obtain funding will be streamlined,
enabling the Commission to respond quickly to new emerging issues.
The funding will be available to administrations at all levels,
NGOs, environmental stakeholders and others.


Life Terra

Funded by the LIFE Programme of the EU

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