MEPs to vote on electronic waste directive

On 21 March, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee will adopt reports on the WEEE directive and environmental crime.

For the WEEE directive, the rapporteur (Mr Florenz EPP-ED, DE) proposes to focus the second reading on:

  • individual producer responsibility;
  • the collection rate target of WEEE to be raised from 5 to 6 kilograms per capita;
  • information for users

With respect to the ROHS directive, the rapporteur suggests that the ban of substances should come into force simultaneously on 1 January 2006.

On Environmental Crime, the rapporteur (Mrs Oomen-Ruijten EPP-ED, NL) favours the Commission’s proposal over the Danish one. She states that criminal law is not solely a “third pillar” issue and that the EU should act on environmental crime in a harmonised way. The proposal is also being debated in the Civil Liberties Committee.

The Danish proposal on Environmental Crime is being discussed in Council working groups and it seems that most Member States will favour this proposal over the Commission’s.

The Environment Committee will also adopt opinions on environmental information (second reading), coastal zone management (second reading) and marketing and use of certain substances (second reading).


The proposal for a directive on the waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and its companion draft directive restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment (ROHS) were adopted by the Commission on 13 June 2000. One of the main elements of the WEEE directive is the intention to increase producers' responsibility to collect and recycle electronic scrap.

The Commission proposal on environmental crime sets out a system of minimum criminal sanctions against the most serious breaches of EU environmental laws. In addition to the Commission's proposal, Denmark has proposed a system for penalising environmental crime that would fall under the "third pillar" of the EU Treaty. Third pillar legislation makes the Member State and not the EU responsible for the application of the agreed measures.


Both the WEEE directive and the environmental crime report are scheduled for the Parliament's plenary session in April.



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