MEPs try to strengthen EU’s packaging waste review

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee last week adopted a report urging stronger measures to fight the EU’s packaging waste mountain. The own-initiative report of the Parliament aims to influence the forthcoming revision of the 1994 packaging and packaging waste directive to be published by the Commission in November.

The report by rapporteur Dorette Corbey (PES, Holland) looked
at the implementation of the 1994 packaging waste directive in the
Member States and concluded that, although most countries have met
the recycling targets, most of them were too late in doing this.

Some of the specific demands brought forward in
the Corbey report are:

  • introduction of producer responsibility for preventing the
    production of packaging waste;
  • introduction of a binding general target on the reduction of
    the amount of packaging waste going to landfills
  • increasing recycling targets for the period 2001-2005;
  • targets for prevention and re-use per material;
  • internalisation of environmental costs of packaging in its
  • the Commission is asked to ensure that representatives from
    consumer and environmental organisations are better involved in
    standard setting via CEN;


The Commission is currently preparing a review of Council
directive 94/62/EC of 15 December 1994 on packaging and packaging
waste. This directive aims to harmonise national measures on the
use of packaging waste to ensure the smooth functioning of the
internal market whilst at the same time providing a high level of
environmental protection.


This own-initiative report falls under Rule 62 of the
Parliament's Rules of Procedure. It is therefore automatically
adopted unless the rapporteur finds 63 signatures (in different
political groups) to ask for amendments to be introduced. This
demand for a plenary debate on new amendements has to be introduced
before the second day of the next plenary session (from 22
October). Mrs. Corbey is expected to find the 63 signatures and the
report might be discussed in plenary in the November session.


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