Nike commits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Nike has made a concrete commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by signing up to the Climate Savers program. The Environmental News Network reports that Nike has also said that it will measure the emissions from its sub-contractors’ operations as well as its shipping operations.

The Center for Energy and Climate Solutions and the WWF will work with Nike on a range of issues that include achieving a 13% reduction on 1998 CO2 emissions from Nike owned operations and services by 2005. They will also aim to produce a complete strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gasses across Nike’s logistics operations by 2005.


The Climate Savers program is run by the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Its aim is to work with companies to make specific commitments to reduce emissions and energy use. Whilst the targets that are set by companies are done on an entirely voluntary basis, the aim of the program is to achieve positive results by combining business, energy and environmental strategies.


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