Packaging industry defends CEN standards

EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, calls upon the Commission to adopt the CEN packaging standards.

The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment
(EUROPEN) calls upon the European Commission to adopt the CEN
standards to complete the implementation of the 1994 Packaging and
Packaging Waste Directive. The packaging industry organisation is
reacting to demands made last week by environmental organisation
EEB and consumer association ANEC to reject the proposed

According to EUROPEN, the EEB assertion that environmental NGOs
were excluded from development of the standards is not correct.
Representatives of several members of EEB were invited to the
meetings of the CEN Technical Committee and some even made
suggestions which were not withheld due their technical

EUROPEN also rejects the EEB claim that the standards cannot
guarantee compliance with the essential requirements because they
lack quantitative pass/fail criteria. "The adopted management
control system, which is aimed at ensuring a continuous effort to
improve the environmental impact of packaging, is a much better way
to ensure compliance than another round of command and control
regulation", says Julian Carroll, Managing Director of Europen.

The packaging organisation urges the European Commission to
complete the adoption process and eliminate the legal uncertainty
for industry and member state authorities.


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