Packaging waste: trying to wrap up a compromise

On 4 November, delegations of the Member States and the Parliament will formally start conciliation talks to clear the way for a final compromise on the review of the packaging waste directive.

On 2 July 2003, the Parliament undertook its second reading
of the Commission's limited review of the Directive 94/62/EC on
packaging and packaging waste (see
). The MEPS agreed with the proposed
targets of 65 per cent recovery and 55 recycling of packaging waste
by December 2008. The Parliament also proposed 12 amendments to the
Council's common position, thereby setting the stage for
conciliation talks with the Member States.

The main issues at stake during the
compromise-finding meetings are:

  • the deadline set for current Member States which were granted a
    postponement (Ireland, Greece, Portugal): the Council wants it to
    be 2012, the Parliament 2010;
  • the deadline by which new Member States joining the EU in 2004
    should comply with the new legislation and the decision-making
    process on this issue (MEPs want co-decision);
  • the demand that the Commission present further proposals with
    regard to minimising the environmental impact of packaging;
  • the implications of recent Court judgements for the directive's
    recovery targets.

The Conciliation Committee has until 31 December 2003 to reach
a compromise.


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