PVC industry presents progress report on voluntary agreement

On 25 April, the PVC industry published a report highlighting the results of the business’ voluntary commitment to improve its environmental performance.

In March 2000, the PVC industry, represented by the European
associations ECVM, EuPC, ESPA and ECPI, signed a voluntary
agreement in which it committed itself to improve its environmental
performance. The agreement was updated and strengthened in 2001.
The second progress report of the agreement, published in April
2002, was externally verified. The findings of the report are:

  • the industry has met 12 of 15 targets set in the
  • new projects were launched last year in order to promote
  • resource consumption was improved;
  • the use of cadmium in stabilisers is being phased out;
  • the use of lead in stabilisers is being phased out by
  • the accountability and transparency have increased by the
    setting up of a monitoring committee consisting of institutions,
    trade unions and NGOs.


In July 2000, the Commission presented a Green Paper on
environmental issues of PVC. It spurred debates among stakeholders
in the institutions, industry and NGOs. Thereafter, the Commission
announced that it would issue a follow-up to the Green Paper, in
the form of a communication, in mid-2001. The date has then been
repeatedly postponed, mainly because of conflicts between the
leading DGs, Environment and Enterprise.


The Commission is expected to issue a communication on PVC in
the near future.



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