Transatlantic Environment Dialogue suspended

The Transatlantic Enviroment Dialogue was suspended because the US government failed to supply its share of the funding.

The Transatlantic Environment Dialogue (TAED) suspended operations on 21 November. It was set up 2 years ago by American and European environmentalists at the request of the US government and European Commission to provide a discussion forum for officials and environmentalists. TAED is part of the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA) along with other dialogues such as the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD).

The cause of the suspension of activities was the failure of the US government to come up with its share of the funding for the dialogue to continue to function. Whilst this can be traced initially to opposition in the US Senate, it was also felt by TAED members that there was a lack of commitment to the dialogue on the part of the US government.

John Hontelez, Secretary General of EEB and member of the Steering Committee of the TAED, emphasised the loss to the NTA that the suspension of the TAED represents. He argued that the success of the Transatlantic Business Dialogue in promoting bilateral business relations needs to be balanced out by other dialogues such as the TAED.


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