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‘the latest flurry of climate action reports all highlight how ‘political will’ is the crucial missing ingredient .. now we’ve established decarbonisation makes economic sense and simply requires political will, what next?’
businessgreen .com/bg/blog-post/3062473/what-next

‘As the recent ‘Hothouse Earth’ study and a new report last month from the University of California San Diego made plain runaway climate change and catastrophic impacts are now a distinct and increasingly plausible possibility.’
businessgreen .com/bg/news-analysis/3062447/its-time-to-get-off-the-path-of-suicidal-emissions-world-fires-starting-pistol-on-next-wave-of-climate-action

‘Terrifying insights into climate change could build legislative momentum for emissions cuts, researchers argue’
phys .org/news/2018-08-insights-climate-legislative-momentum-emissions.html#jCp

‘The 2018 Report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate’
newclimateeconomy .report/2018/

‘Action needed from policymakers to spur hydrogen economy’ [detailed]
rechargenews .com/transition/1564465/action-needed-from-policymakers-to-spur-hydrogen-economy

TU Delft presents a concise overview of complete hydrogen ecosystem; detailing economic advantages of storable domestic energy production. Many insights such as upgraded gas pipelines offering large savings vs HVDC, storage cost etc. A ‘must read’ report [detailed]
d1rkab7tlqy5f1.cloudfront .net/Websections/Energy_Initiative/Technical%20Report%20Hydrogen%20-%20the%20key%20to%20the%20energy%20transition.pdf