Kathleen Van Brempt, rebel with a cause

In the first episode of a new video series called ‘Over a Beer’, EURACTIV’s Brian Maguire chats with Kathleen Van Brempt, a Belgian socialist MEP who is chairperson of the ‘Dieselgate’ inquiry committee in the European parliament.

They discuss Brexit, the battle for the presidency of the European Parliament, the future of Europe, and the EU’s leadership crisis.

Kathleen Van Brempt suggests that Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal ALDE group in Parliament, is going too far, too soon with his uber-federalist reform agenda.

She also gives a glimpse of her private life via a selection of surprise questions.

Van Brempt is Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Socialists & Democrats group and Chairperson of the Dieselgate investigation committee, EMIS.

As Vice-Chair of the S&D group, she is responsible for sustainable development, environment, industry and transport. She was also a member of the European Parliament’s delegation of observers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris last year.

Previously, Kathleen Van Brempt was Belgian State Secretary for Labour Organisation and Welfare, in the second administration of Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt.

‘Over a Beer’ is supported by www.theworldofbeer.eu

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