Commission launches consultation on markets in e-communications sector

On 18 June the Commission launched a public consultation on product and service markets in the electronic communications sector. The consultation runs until 19 July 2002.

The European Commission on 18 June launched a public consultation concerning a Recommendation on relevant product and service markets in the electronic communications sector, such as leased lines. The draft Recommendation identifies and defines the relevant product and service markets that national regulators would be obliged to examine under the new regulatory framework, in order to assess whether these markets are effectively competitive, or conversely, whether regulatory obligations should be applied to dominant market players, with a goal of safeguarding the interests of competing players and of consumers. The Commission will decide in March 2003 whether mobile call termination is to be included beyond the initial version of the Recommendation.

This Recommendation forms part of the new EU regulatory framework for electronic communications that should be implemented in the Member States by July 2003. The public consultation is required by this new EU telecom framework, adopted in February 2002, and lasts until 19 July. On 3 July the Commission will organise a public hearing on this issue. Following additional consultation of national regulatory authorities and national competition authorities, the final Recommendation will be adopted by the Commission.


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