Post-summer COVID news: Luxembourg to start self-isolating for 10 days rather than 14

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Rather than the previous 14 days, self-quarantine in Luxembourg will now last 10 days “without renewal”.

Luxembourg’s council of government validated the draft amendment aimed at reducing the duration of self-quarantine, which will be tabled by Health Minister Paulette Lenert (LSAP) by the end of the week.

One day of teleworking = €350 million loss

If workers in Luxembourg were to telework one day a week, the annual income for the trade and hospitality industry in Luxembourg would drop by €348,328,640, according to the country’s Economic and Social Council (ESC).

The estimate is based on the fact that of the 460,000 workers in Luxembourg, 197,914 or 43% of the working population hold administrative positions that do not require a continuous presence at the office.

“In any case, it is a question of finding the right balance between the application of the teleworking scheme and the related budgetary and economic losses”, the report concludes.

More flexible travel restrictions

EU citizens will be allowed to travel to the Grand-Duchy again if they want to visit relatives as long as they are the spouse, registered partner, children (under 21), a direct descendant of an EU citizen or their spouse, Luxembourg’s foreign ministry has announced.

Third-country nationals who can prove the existence of a long-term relationship and regular contacts can now enter the country on short-stay without having to undergo travel restrictions.

[Edited by Natasha Foote, Alexandra Brzozowski, Gerardo Fortuna, Vlagyiszlav Makszimov, Daniel Eck]

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