Ansip: Free flow of data could raise European salaries

Jobs could be more secure and better paid because of the European Commission’s new proposal to guarantee the free flow of data between EU countries, Andrus Ansip said in an interview.

The draft legislation will make European companies more competitive with American and Asian firms, Ansip said. Under the new rules, firms can store data in one single data centre in the EU, instead of in several different member states that might currently prevent data from being transferred abroad.

Ansip also said that all EU member states understand that governments need to do to counter massive attacks from hackers, like the WannaCry and Petya viruses earlier this year. During his state of the union speech last week (13 September), Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced new proposals to give the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA more power and a new certification system to measure the security level of technology products.

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