EU launches center to fight cybercrime

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This is the EC3: Europe’s latest attempt to fight cybercrime.

The new European Cybercrime Center will officially launch on Friday in the Dutch city of The Hague. It will focus on stopping internet fraud and online sexual exploitation.

‘EC3 will focus on cybercrime committed by organized crime groups particularly those generating large criminal profits such as online frauds and cybercrimes which cause a serious harm to the victims such as child sexual exploitation’, EU Home Affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.

The European Commission says the center will help identify internet criminal groups and increase the cooperation between member states.

According to the EU executive, this will increase Europe’s confidence in e-banking and save millions of euros.

It will try to protect the citizens by identifying the most dangerous cybercrimes threats and key cybercriminal groups at EU level. It will support member state’s cybercrimes investigations helping member states with the training and expertise so they can build up their ability to fight cybercrime”, EU Home Affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.

Just like in the offline world, we can’t just put more locks at the door, we also need to have a criminal free environment where we can go safely and we need exactly the same. So this is why EC3 will focus on the perpetrators, the gangsters, the criminal networks either they are in loose or in more hard networks”, EC3’s chief Troels Oerting said.

The latest EU surveys show that 12% of internet users across Europe have experienced online fraud.



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