What role can cyber norms play in improving accountability in cyberspace?

Since its launch in November 2018 by President Emmanuel Macron, the Paris Call has been signed by over 450 entities who all endorsed a set of principles intended to improve the safety and stability of cyberspace.

Of these 450+ entities, a majority of private sector and civil society signatories came from Europe. Similarly, all 28 EU Member States endorsed the Paris Call.

If someone steals or damages physical property, investigators can collect evidence and involve the courts. In the digital world, the evidence of cyberattacks is often spread across technology providers, telecom operators, and victims. Furthermore, if it is a government behind the cyberattack then the challenge of proving their responsibility becomes all the more complex.

EURACTIV organised this Stakeholder Debate to discuss the role of global cyber norms, attribution, and the need for an independent body to oversee the level of security in cyberspace.

Questions included:

  • Can global norms alone be effective in achieving security in cyberspace?
  • Can global norms increase accountability and strengthen trust online?
  • What role can and should attribution play in creating more accountability around conduct in cyberspace?
  • How can the EU leverage its unanimity in promoting the principles outside Europe, and work on strengthening Member States’ implementation of the principles?

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