Efficiency and transparency are challenges for e-government

EU ministers have declared their wish to implement e-Government services while the Commisison is improving its online presence.

At the 24-25 November 2005 ministerial e-government conference in Manchester, ministers from all EU countries agreed unanimously on a declaration calling for a more effective use of information and communication technologies in their administrations. The main goal is to boost inclusion, according to the conference’s motto “No citizen left behind – inclusion by design”. 

The Commission wants to set the agenda in EU e-government not only via regulation and recommendations, but also by setting a positive example. In his speech to the conference, Administrative Affairs Commissioner Siim Kallas announced the new five-year strategy for the Commission’s e-government services, consisting mainly of a new and secure electronic identity for all Commission personnel, of a paperless so-called e-college for secure distribution of documents to speed up and facilitate decision-making, and of training to familiarise Commission staff with the new technologies. 

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