Tweets of the Week: Royal Wedding, Zuckerberg in EU Parliament, and GDPR

This week all eyes turn to the Royal Wedding, it’s the Facebook hearing we were all dreading, and the arrival of GDPR has got businesses shredding!

Last weekend half of the UK and US tuned into #FrockWatch and went stark raving mad!

There was the Megharryccino:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swimsuits are a thing:

There are PEZ dispensers:

And even an official Royal Wedding sick bag!

An account called Indie actually finds Meghan’s rags to riches story inspiring when she needs to get a life.

But for those who REALLY want to get a life, the BBC helpfully gave a list of caves with no mobile signal to escape social media updates about the royal wedding… presumably for those whose phones lack a power button.

Naturally there was an EU twist. Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said Juncker would probably be too busy to tune in, but wished the happy couple “all the best.”

And The Daily Fail – never one to miss an opportunity to get worked up – tried to anger readers by pointing out Harry and Meghan’s wedding car had an EU licence plate …just like every car in the UK.

Yup that backfired!

Meanwhile at the European Parliament you would be forgiven for thinking more royalty had shown up as the place went into meltdown over Mark Zuckerberg’s visit.

In what Thomas da Silva Rosa said was the worst tweet of the year, Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikstrom even posed for a selfie with him!

Rianne Meijer‏ retorted: “You’re not at a Beyonce-concert, you were supposed to ask someone who probably broke a whole bunch of European laws unbiased questions.”

Cringe!… although maybe not as cringe as this.

Huge numbers of viewers, including Paul Breitbarth, were disappointed as it became clear that the meeting format ensured most questions would remain unanswered.

The US Congress had the right hearing format, but asked the wrong questions, while the EU Parliament had the right questions, but the wrong format said Sven Giegold.

Spoof account Martini Seltzermyr quipped that “hearings” are really speakings

Berlaymonster reckoned it needed this.

And James Crisp’s highly unscientific Twitter poll revealed that most people found the whole thing “embarrassingly shambolic.”

Finally, the Zuck thinks GDPR is about control, transparency and accountability! WRONG! It is also about ownership of personal data and in case you missed it – HA! – it comes into effect today.

Jason Karaian said GDPR is bigger than Beyoncé – klaxon! Second Beyoncé mention of the week!

Casey Kolderup reminded everyone that if your ex contacts you out of the blue next week, it’s probably only because of GDPR compliance.

Holly Brockwell said “Yes, of course I still want to hear from the company where I bought one pair of shoes in 2005.”

But Ciaran McGonagle wins Twitter GDPR: Just received an email from a wealthy Nigerian Prince. He told me that he doesn’t have any fortune to share with me at the moment, but he would appreciate if I could let him know before May 25th if I wish to continue receiving emails.

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That’s it for this week, if you want to join me again next week for more cheering, jeering, and fearing in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere, remember to let me know by, uh, today.

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