Germany ready to ‘take more responsibility’ in European defence policy, says Merkel 

ARD summer interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. [EPA-EFE/FELIPE TRUEBA]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that she supports the idea of a European security council as well as the project of European intervention troops, a notion also favoured by France. 

Commenting on the complicated relations with the US, Merkel reiterated that “Germany has to take a piece of its destiny in its own hands”. 

“This means that we will have to rely more on Europe, meaning that Germany will have to take more responsibility regarding European defence,” she said during an interview with German ARD public television on Sunday (26 August). 

This is why she supports the idea of a European security council as well as a squadron of European intervention troops, she explained. Moreover, Merkel said that Berlin was “relatively close” to Paris on that issue. 

The German Chancellor also expressed the need for Europe to talk with one voice and that the unanimity rule that prevails on defence and security matters should not be applied in all decision processes. 

Merkel: Europe can no longer rely on US to 'protect' it

Europe can no longer rely on the United States to protect it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday (10 May), urging the bloc to take its destiny in its own hands.

Europe “close to my heart”

Asked to give an assessment on what might be the legacy of her chancellorship, Merkel declined to comment but said instead that what she cares about very much is Europe and a common European sentiment. 

“This is what we inherited from our forefathers, who all had the experience of war in the backs of their minds, and for those of us who do not have that war experience, we have the great duty and the great task of making this Europe a strong pillar in the world, to ensure prosperity, peace and freedom,” Merkel said. 

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