Aid Effectiveness: From commitment to transparency?

Open data, and the transparency and effectiveness of international development aid, have failed to get the attention they deserve.

After the adoption of the Millennium Declaration in 2000, several high-level forums on aid effectiveness have taken place.

In 2008, in Ghana, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) was launched. The initiative is a global campaign that registers development aid data from many international donors and aims to increase the transparency of how development money is spent.

In 2011, the NGO Publish What You Fund published the first IATI evaluation of all raw data on development aid from different kinds of donors.

The assessment was based on the IATI Standard: 39 indicators and a scoring system to improve the assessment of the transparency and effectiveness of development aid.

According to the IATI ranking, UNDP is the only organization to score above 90%.

Overall, most organisations are still underperforming in transparency and effectiveness, according to the IATI evaluation.

Since 2014, only 18 evaluated organisations improved the documentation of  their performances in quality and quantity.

Sources: Publish What You fund, UN, European Commission

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