INFOGRAPHIC: Demography is a vehicle for development

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The Global Monitoring Report 2015/2016, Development Goals in an Era of Demographic Change, was published on 6 November. It revealed that demographic trends had changed dramatically over the last 30 years.

Global population was growing only a few decades ago at 2%, now it’s 1%, and by 2050 it will be 0.5%. The world population is ageing a record speeds, never seen before. The global working-age population as a share of the total population reached a maximum of 66% in 2012 and is now declining. And the total number of children around the world is stabilising at around 2 billion.

In the past, the world was concerned about population bombs. Now, because the trends have changed, there is a new perception that demography can be a vehicle for development, and that provided the right policies are put in place, it provides opportunities as well as challenges.

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