Twelve goals to eradicate poverty

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To prepare the process of defining post-2015 Millennium Development Goals, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed a high level panel to produce a report on how the post-MDGs could look like. The philosophy behind the 12 goals formulated is that they should apply to all countries, not just developing ones.

By 2030 the world could have:

1.2 billion fewer people hungry and in extreme poverty

100 million fewer children dead before the age of five

4.4 million fewer women dead during pregnancy or childbirth

1.3 billion fewer tons of food wasted each year

470 million more workers with good jobs and livelihoods

200 million more young people with skills useful to the job market

1.3 billion more people connected to electricity

190 to 240 million more hectares of forest cover

$30 trillion spent by governments worldwide and transparently accounted for

220 million fewer people suffering crippling effects from natural disasters

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