Development aid: new Member States making switch from recipients to donors

The Dutch Presidency sends
representatives from the new Member States to visit
development projects in Uganda and Vietnam.


One of the priorities of the Dutch presidency is to
support the ten new Member States in the field of
development co-operation. In view of this, members of
parliament, civil servants and key figures from civil
society from the new Member States will visit development
projects in Uganda and Vietnam, from 28 August to 6

The visit is being organised by the 
United Nations Population Fund

(UNFPA) and the 
World Population Foundation

(WPF), a Dutch NGO, in close collaboration with the Dutch
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation, Agnes
van Ardenne, commented on the visit as being “a perfect
opportunity for the member states to become acquainted with
development cooperation and to develop in their new role as
donor. After all, many of these countries have had only a
few years to switch from being a recipient to a donor.” The
last net aid recipients were Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and

Every year, 50 billion euros is spent on development
co-operation worldwide. The EU is the largest donor,
spending 30 billion euros per year. A further contribution
from the new Member States will be welcomed by the
international community in its attempts to meet the 
Millenium Development Goals

. Under these goals the international community is
committed to vigorously promote human development as the
key to sustaining social and economic progress in all

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