Globalisation fora in New York and Porto Alegre

Two major globalisation meeting are taking place
simultaneously in New York, and Proto Alegre, Brazil. In
reaction to the Davos World Economic Forum in New York, where
the economic elite is meeting, the World Social Forum opened on
Thursday 31 February 2002 in Porto Alegre.

The World Economic Forum, a think tank of business and
political leaders seeking solutions to emerging economic
and world problems, is holding its annual five-day meeting
in New York City. The meeting, which traditionally takes
place in Davos, Switzerland, focuses this year on the theme
of “Leadership in Fragile Times.” Main points on the agenda
are the relationship between the economy and the “war on
terrorism”, rapid recovery of the world economy and how to
bridge social and technological divides.

In Brazil, the World Social Forum was
organized for the first time last year as the
anti-capitalist counterpart to the Davos meetings. Set up
by eight Brazilian groups, including the Workers Central
Union and the Landless Rural Workers Movement, it aims to
promote alternatives to the current economic and world
system under the motto “Another world is possible”. Among
the attendees to the forum are Nobel prize winners
Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez Esquivel, UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, and several
French presidential candidates. Belgian Prime Minister Guy
Verhofstadt, however, complained he had not been allowed to
speak at the meeting because some NGO’s judged him too


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