Help is on its way: Commission approves 10 million Euro in Iraqi aid

The Commission has announced it will release 10 million Euro in emergency aid to Iraqi hospitals with a special emphasis that the money should be used to help child victims of the war.

The 10 million Euros that will likely be despatched before 25 April are part of an overall aid effort totalling some 100 million Euro, as announced by the Commission in March. This most recently allocated fund package will pay for much needed medical supplies such as liquid oxygen and anaesthetics.

Announcing the plan, Commissioner Poul Nielson stressed these funds were crucial in easing particularly the plight of Iraqi children injured in the fighting. The looting that ensued after the street fighting died down has gravely affected the supply situation in hospitals and increased the possiblity of infectious diseases spreading in medical facilities.

At the EU Summit in Athens on 16 April, EU leaders committed themselves to creating an "airbridge" for injured Iraqi children, so that they might receive treatment in EU countries if their care could not be guaranteed in Iraq. Additionally, funds are intended to step up emergency vaccination campaigns to control the spread of potentially infectious diseases.


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