MEPs declare support for Mideast ‘road map’

The Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee issued an urgent call on 7 October to both the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to commit themselves to the implementation of the “road map” peace plan.

According to a resolution drafted by MEP Emilio Menéndez del Vallé (PES, E) and adopted by a large majority, if the road map failed, and international mandate in Palestine would need to be set up under the authority of the Quartet - i.e., the UN, the EU, the US and Russia - including an international force on the ground. MEPs said that for now the Palestinian Authority should clearly and firmly come out in support of the new Palestinian government. The government should pursue the reforms it has launched and hold free, fair and transparent elections as soon as possible. For its part, the Israeli government should withdraw its military forces from the autonomous Palestinian territories, put a stop to targeted killings and freeze all settlement activities as well as the construction of the security wall. As an immediate step, Israel should end the sealing off of the Palestinian territories and withdraw behind the pre-September 2000 borders.

The MEPs said that an international force should be sent to the region, subject to the agreement of both parties, under the auspices of the UN and with sufficient and credible resources. As soon as a firm and final peace treaty has been signed, the EU should conclude a close partnership with both Israel and the Palestinian State, including a single market, approximation of laws and the use of the euro.


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