Putting agriculture at the heart of Africa’s rising

New innovative technologies are being unleashed in Africa's rural communities. [Sebastian Noethlichs/Shutterstock]

Farming accounts for around 60% of all jobs in sub-Saharan Africa. Governments, the African Union and the EU are keen to promote the industrialization of the African farming sector.

But rapid population growth, the effects of climate change and lack of access to finance are among the threats to both the future growth of African agriculture and its capacity to feed its people.

In the meantime, new innovative technologies are being unleashed in the continent’s rural communities. Renewable energy, particularly off-grid solar, is being viewed in many countries as a means to power rural Africa, particularly in those areas furthest away from the electricity grid.

This Special Report looks at some of the challenges and opportunities faced by domestic agriculture and how policymakers and businesses are working to grasp them.

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