Child Health: What drivers for a holistic approach?

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As part of its efforts to accelerate progress on child survival, the EU has adopted a new communication on Maternal and Child Nutrition. “The effects of poor nutrition represent one of the most serious and preventable tragedies of our time”, states the EC Communication. The same document shows that in many developing countries poor nutrition is an underlying cause of at least one third of all child deaths.


The EU Community is stepping up efforts in the fight against child mortality. While the EU is striving to ensure that nutrition is well reflected on the post-2015 MDG framework, the UK will organise a global conference on nutrition in June. Moreover, the Irish Presidency is committed to promote nutrition as a priority for development policy during its presidency.


Is the EU doing enough to prevent child mortality? What measures need to be taken to better support countries in their efforts to combat nutrition insecurity?


Under-nutrition contributes to permanent disabilities in children and is responsible for a third of illnesses suffered by children under five (malaria, pneumonia etc.). Is there a need for a multi-actor coordination mechanism to prevent this?


Tackling nutrition requires a multi-sector approach. How committed is the international community to support partner countries in enhancing child nutrition?


Can better child nutrition help drive economic growth?

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