Ethiopian Minister of Health: We are the champions of country ownership in development

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In an interview with EURACTIV, Ethiopian Minister of Health Dr. Kesetebirhan Admasu described the impressive improvements of healthcare in his country over the last years, stressing that the reforms have been designed and implemented without following foreign prescriptions.

“A program designed in Brussels or Paris or New York or London may not necessarily fit into the local context in Africa. So we don’t accept prescriptions from our development partners, regardless of whether they are well intentioned or not. We truly honestly believe in country ownership, meaning countries designing their own strategies, coming with their own ambitious plans,” Dr. Admasu said.

Regarding the way his country works with the EU and other donors, he said:

“When you deliver, when you demonstrate that plans you have developed, the strategies you have set in place, the policies you have designed deliver, donors always support you.”

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