Mimica: The EU will remain the biggest development donor

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In spite of the very difficult economic, financial and budgetary constraints Europe is going through, the European Union will remain the world’s biggest donor of development aid, said European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica.

“I’m satisfied that the overall European contribution to the development needs and the development programs in our partners countries has been kept at almost the same level as before, in the previous 7-year EU budget. So in general we shall be able to keep the European Union at the forefront of the world development assistance program. We are the biggest donor, meaning the European Union as European Commission and member states, by far. And we shall keep this even under the very difficult economic, financial and budgetary constraints Europe is going through. Of course, budgetary problems are such that in 2014 and 2015 there will be some gaps in the real payment of our commitments for the development cooperation, but in general I would say that the overall financial engagement of the EU will keep the Union very high among the donors.”

“But what we have to do more vigilantly and more vigorously, is to improve and strengthen the process of assessing the efficiency of our development cooperation policies and instruments. We shall very soon develop a very precise result framework, which would enable us to measure the impact of our development programs and projects, we shall develop the criteria for those measurements. And what is very important, we are constantly improving the criteria we have set for pre-auditing and post-auditing procedures when it comes for instance for the budget support for our development partners.”

“We take very seriously the auditing reports by the European Court of Auditors, but also from the European Parliament’s budget control committee. And in that context we are constantly improving the effectiveness of our development programs.”

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