Raising Awareness on EU Development Policy

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to improving people’s lives across the globe, but mostly in regions where it’s most needed to eradicate poverty. In Europe specifically the foundation is seeking partnerships with governments, civil society, and media. What we’re trying to achieve here is really build long lasting relationships in order to improve the quality and quantity of aid spending. But also make sure that development stays high on the agenda.

Development policy is not enough in the media, it’s not enough talked about. And so I think EURACTIV provides an excellent platform that on the one hand side has high-quality coverage of development topics and on the other hand also offers workshops across the key member states within the European Union tackling the topics of development policy that are pertinent to these markets. So I think the combination of these two things makes it a very powerful influential platform for us.

We’re very much looking forward to working over the next 18 months to a really important year, 2015, when the MDGs are up for renewal. I think it’s a crucial time for development. Germany will be hosting the G8. So there are a couple of really important events and we’re counting on EURACTIV to help make sure that they raise people’s attention.


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