Why Invest in Vaccines?

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Vaccines do far more than protect health; they also protect people’s incomes and savings, and promote economic growth. Find out how.

4 February marks World Cancer Day and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is launching a World Cancer Day campaign around the theme “debunk the myths” around cancer, one being that there is nothing we can do around cancer. The truth is that several cancers are caused by infections, including liver and cervical cancer, which can be prevented with vaccines – hepatitis B vaccine against liver cancer, and HPV vaccine against cervical cancer.
The GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership committed to saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries, has been funding hepatitis B vaccine since 2001 as part of the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine, and has immunised 200 million children in 72 developing countries to date with this vaccine. GAVI is also supporting the introduction of HPV vaccines in GAVI-eligible countries. By 2020, it is estimated that over 30 million girls in more than 40 GAVI eligible countries will be vaccinated against HPV.
The European Union (EU) has been a GAVI donor since 2003 and has contributed close to EUR 40 million to the current financing cycle (2011-2015). Learn more at: http://www.gavialliance.org/



It's hard to get started in life, whoever you are. One highly effective way of helping everyone rich or poor to a better start comes in a little bottle. The impact of vaccination is greater than we ever thought. 
I get sick less often, so I can go to school. My scores are higher in languages, maths, and in IQ tests. I can finish my education and get a better start in life. And while I'm at school, my parents, my family can do other things. And since they don't have to spend money on my care, they can save it for better food, new clothes, or a nicer home.
My vaccination also helps protect other people in my community. If I don't get sick, than I can't pass it on. Because I've done better at school, I have more opportunities. Earning money means I can help my family. As I work longer, I can also save for my future.
I can think about starting my own family and helping to build a community. A healthier community is more stable. It's a place people want to live in, rather than escape from. People want to visit us and maybe even more here too. Many others want to invest and to trade with us.
That little bottle has consequences none of us could have guessed at. Immunisation has helped millions of children to a healthier start at life. And better health is helping build a secure future for people everywhere.

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