Backstage with Europe’s creators

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MEP Victor Negrescu and EU40 hosted an exhibition called “Backstage with Europe’s Creators” in the European Parliament on September 22nd.

The exhibition was an interactive and immersive experience highlighting Europe’s newest generation of innovators and creators who are harnessing the power of the internet to reach new audiences. At the exhibition, attendees experienced and interacted with some of the latest tech innovations available to European creators, including 360 degree video and virtual reality video.

The participants also had the chance to meet Europe’s top digital creators, who have shown their success stories and discussed them with visitors. From the diversity and success of European creators, three key areas from all over Europe were in focus:

  1. Creators and artists, from the Chopin Institute in Poland, highlighting the work of great Polish composer Chopin online and hosting the XVII Chopin Piano competition ; to Mikey Hash, the Romanian comedy star and entrepreneur, with a large following online.
  2. Socially impactful campaigners – whether for political campaigns, health or educational purposes. Germany’s Tilo Jung broadcasts political interviews to educate younger “disinterested” audience about politics, with a young attitude and using understandable language.
  3. Creative innovators who grow using digital channels, such as Patry Jordan – her online channel has turned into a household name in Spain and opened up opportunities for her to develop her career – and recently to publish her book.

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