Women in ICT – How do EU member states measure up?

Women are underrepresented in the technology industry in Europe, constituting only 18% of the workforce.

Bulgaria has the highest proportion of female ICT employees at 32%. Worst off is Luxembourg, where less than 11% of employees in the tech sector are women.

Women are even less likely than men to study an academic field related to technology. Out of 1,000 women with BA degrees in Europe, only 29 hold degrees in an ICT-related field.

There are fewer women in senior positions in the tech sector compared to other industries. Only 19.2% of workers in the ICT industry have female bosses.

However, women are paid more fairly in the tech sector. The gender wage gap in ICT-related jobs is 0%, while it stands at 5% in non-ICT sectors.

By 2020, there will be a gap of an estimated 800,000 jobs which require ICT knowledge, but not enough skillful Europeans to fill those positions.

According to the European Commission, European GDP could be boosted by €9 billion per year if more women worked in the tech sector.

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