BEUC in defence of consumer rights online

BEUC, the European consumers’ organisation, has started a new campaign to combat overly restrictive digital rights management and terms of use with digital content. In an interview with EURACTIV, the organisation’s senior legal advisor explains the issue.

“We fear and we observe that consumer’s rights, which they do have in other areas, are more and more restricted in the digital environment”, says Cornelia Kutterer, naming digital rights management (DRM) technologies and usage restrictions for content bought as well on CDs as downloaded from online services as examples. 

 She comments on the launch of ‘Consumer’s Digital Rights‘, BEUC’s campaign to protect consumer rights on the internet. The purpose of the campaign, Ms. Kutterer says, is “twofold”: to raise awareness among policy makers in the Parliament and in the Commission likewise, and to support consumers who, she says, are being demonised by campaigns of some industry associations. “We want to give consumers a more balanced view of the issues at stake and we want to show that consumers and artists are actually on the same side and not against each other, that they can support each other.”

Full interview.  

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