Commission proposes definitions for negotiations on Galileo

The Commission on 24 September presented a Communication on the EU satellite system Galileo taking stock of developments and setting out the next steps to take.

The Communication takes stock of various major aspects of the development of the Galileo satellite radionavigation programme and deals with:

  • the various services offered by Galileo;
  • security questions;
  • relations with the US, and interoperability with its GPS system;
  • international cooperation with other third countries.

Defining services and the frequency plan is "vital" in preparation for the next World Radiocommunications Conference, to take place in July 2003. All of the services to be offered by Galileo entail signals using one or more frequency bands with specific characteristics. The Galileo project was adopted in March 2002 with a view of bringing Galileo into service by 2008.


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