Comments on: Commission to ‘look seriously’ at Euronews mess EU news and policy debates across languages Tue, 09 Apr 2019 14:09:21 +0000 hourly 1 By: Friday Sun, 19 Feb 2017 08:15:31 +0000 As a subscriber to Euronews, through the Dish satellite service in the USA, I have enjoyed several years of excellent programming. I must say, though, that if continuing the mission of telling stories from the perspective of European values is important, the notion of NBC Universal owning a stake in the Euronews service would be distressing. The general media in the USA has become homogenized and stale, and completely subverted by commercial and partisan interests. I have counted on Euronews for a different perspective from what I see in US media as well as coverage of sports, entertainment and local affairs in many countries that US media does not provide. The worst thing would be to harmonize Euronews with NBC corporate policy, which would potentially narrow the coverage of US international affairs to a state-restricted viewpoint as the US media has. The politicization and McCarthyist Russophobia that has so imbued the American social discourse has eroded public confidence in a country that once thought itself as a world leader. Europe, and Euronews in particular, would best serve your constituency with a more critical eye towards the USA and NBC Universal in particular, because the level of social intolerance and environmental degradation that is promoted by US Corporations would not meet the high standards that Europe has tried so hard to build. Good luck.