EU rejects US position on Galileo satellite project

The Commission stated that “it is up to the EU to decide how useful Galileo is”, thereby rejecting a recent US media note on the issue.

The United States in a recent 'media note' stated it sees "no compelling need" for the European version of a satellite system because it believes the US system will meet the needs of users for the foreseeable future, since it has made its system available free of charge to non-military users since 1983. The US is currently engaged in a diplomatic effort "to promote the US Global Positioning System (GPS) as a worldwide standard for precise positioning and timing information".

According to a Commission spokesperson the EU, however, is determined to carry out the Galileo project, whilst being "perfectly ready" to cooperate with the US. He added that the EU had provided the US with "all the necessary information on the technical characteristics of the project several months ago, but that they had not yet received any response".


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