European Internet co-regulation network launched at world information summit

The European co-regulation network for the Internet was officially unveiled by Commissioner Liikanen at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) on 11 December. Organisations from seven European countries have already signed up.

The European Internet co-regulation network is an initiative by the French organisation "Le forum des droits sur l'Internet" which is supported by the Commission. The aim of the network is fourfold:

  • Exchange good practices and knowledge at European level on legal issues raised by the Internet
  • Organise the debate between governments, civil society and private companies on issues related to the governance of the information society (spam, child protection, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Make proposals (possibly of a legal nature) to the European institutions
  • Prepare and follow-up for the second stage of the WSIS to take place in Tunis in November 2005

The network is currently made up of organisations from Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and the UK. It has an open structure to stakeholders from other European countries. The main focus of the network's first meeting in Paris in March 2004 will be to set out priorities for the next few months. A first evaluation of the network will be made in March 2005 ahead of the second round of the WSIS.


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