European Satellite Operators Association launched

European satellite operators launch association at plenary meeting of EU Satellite Action Plan

Current key issues in satellite communications are:

  • overall management of scarce frequencies and orbital slots
  • free circulation of satellite terminals and services
  • regulation of networks and content
  • new technologies and applications.


The main European satellite operators launched a 'European Satellite Operators Association' at the 5th plenary meeting of the EU Satellite Action Plan on 9- 10 July to better communicate their positions on satellite communications.


The initiative for a Satellite Action Plan was launched by the then Information Society Commissioner Bangemann in 1996. It has developed into a platform for debate on the regulatory environment, market access for third countries, as well as R&D-related initiatives. The dialogue with industry has been supported by a series of position papers by industry representatives. The Commission organises annual plenary sessions to stimulate debate and development of new policies.

The main actions proposed in the Action Plan are:

  • completion of the internal market
  • reinforcement of the European position internationally
  • reinforcement of EU research and development.


The Commission - business meeting will set new goals and directions for further development.


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