European WSIS preparatory meeting adopts principles and priorities

On 7-9 November the pan European regional Ministerial conference in preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) adopted a set of principles and priorities for action towards an Information Society.

At the meeting in Bucharest, Romania, the 55 member countries
of the Economic Commission for Europe agreed that the following
fundamental principles should be the main directions for
e-strategies to develop an information society:

  • securing access to information and knowledge;
  • promoting universal access at affordable cost;
  • promoting linguistic diversity and cultural identity;
  • developing human capacity through education and training;
  • setting up an enabling legal, regulatory and policy
  • building confidence and security in the use of ICTs;
  • addressing global issues.

Based on these principles, the delegates identified the
following priority themes for e-strategies to develop future

  • e-government: more efficient and accountable and
  • e-business: more competitiveness and better jobs;
  • e-society: broader local content and applications;
  • e-learning and e-education: empowering people

The abovementioned principles and priorities will be submitted
as a regional contribution to the WSIS process and its follow-up,
due to be held in December 2003 in Geneva (Switzerland) and in
Tunis (Tunesia) in 2005.


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