Industry seeks bigger role in EU Net Security Agency

Computer-related companies want a bigger role in improving European Internet security and express support for the emerging Network Security Agency.

Addressing a Public Forum in the European Parliament on 11 June, Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society Erkki Liikanen said that today "there is no systematic cross-border cooperation on network and information security between Member States". He said the Commission will continue to cooperate "in a constructive manner" with the Parliament and the Council to "have a formal agreement on the Agency before the end of the year". According to Mr Liikanen, industry must play a "key role" in developing and maintaining Internet security systems, "especially as most of the networks are privately owned and managed".

In a statement issued on 11 June, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) expressed its support for the creation of the Network and Information Security Agency, which it said must work with industry stakeholders and promote expanded government/industry cooperation. BSA believes that the Agency should follow the development of network security standards rather than promote the use of particular standards, and should promote public/private dialogue by responding to inquiries from the private sector as well.

On 5 June 2003, the EU's Telecommunications Council endorsed in principle the creation of the European Network and Information Security Agency, whose establishment was originally proposed by the European Spring Council (see also

EURACTIV 6 June 2003).


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