Parliament Committee endorses Modinis programme

The Parliament’s Industry and Research Committee adopted on 23 January 2003 the report by Imelda Read on the multi-annual Modinis programme to monitor eEurope and network security.

The European Parliament’s Industry and Research Committee adopted the report by rapporteurImelda Read(PES-UK) on 23 January 2003. It introduced several amendments to the original Commission proposal underlining that:

  • more attention should be given to the unbalanced benefits from ICT developments within the EU: implementation of the Modinis programme should not lead to a widening of the gap between poor and prosperous regions;
  • clearer indications should be given to the fight against the digital divide and the exclusion of certain groups in society (women, disabled people, elderly people, unemployed);
  • future EU Member States should be better included in the programme; they should endorse the Action Plan eEurope Plus;
  • the “cyber security task force” foreseen in the eEurope 2005 Action Plan should be launched rapidly;
  • the proposed budget of 25 million euro should be maintained (the Member States indicated during the Telecoms Council on 5 December 2002 that they only want to free 20 million euro for the Programme.


TheEconomic and Social Committeeendorsed the Commission's proposal on 24 October 2002. The Committee especially underlined the need to balance information and network protection with the security of persons and goods and users' rights. "The security culture should be conceived in a way which is fully compatible with the freedom of information, communication and expression, economic, social and cultural freedoms and generally with the whole range of human rights", the Committee stated in its report.


On 26 July 2002, the Commission adopted a proposal for a multiannual programme (2003-05) to monitor the progress of the eEurope initiative, to disseminate good practices and to prepare measures to pave the way for a European policy on network and information security. This Programme (under the name MODINIS) will benchmark the performance of the Member States on eEurope and compare it with the best in the world. It will also support efforts to improve network security and to foster the development of (high-speed) broadband rollout. The Commission proposed a budget of 25 million euro for this programme.


  • The Parliament's plenary will discuss the Modinis Programme on 11 February;
  • The Telecommunications Council is expected to adopt the Decision during its 27-28 March Council meeting.


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