Transport Council adopts Galileo programme and hush kits Directive

During its meeting on 26 March the Transport Council adopted the Galileo satellite navigation programme, a Directive on noise pollution in airports and a common position on the gas emission controls of motorcycles.

The results of the Transport and Telecommunications Council on 26 March included the following:

  • the adoption of the Galileo satellite system, with a budget of 450 million euro;
  • the agreement on cooperation together with Mediterranean countries in the field of transport;
  • a political debate on the White Paper on European Transport 2010;
  • Adoption of a Directive on noise pollution in airports (hush kits);
  • a request to the COREPER to review the Commission proposals on the ‘Single European Sky’ in order to make substantive progress on the issue in June 2002;
  • an agreement on the prolongation of 60 days of the special airline insurance regime following the 11 September attacks and similar steps in the US;
  • Adoption of its common position on gas emission controls for motorcycles.

The Council was also briefed on the state of play of access to port services, environmental performance of goods transport, development of a trans-European transport network, indemnisation of air passengers, public transport services and social issues of road transport.


TheUnited Statesobjected to European plans to establish the Galileo satellite system as it sees "no compelling need". It believes "the US system will meet the needs of users for the foreseeable future", see EURACTIV11 March.

European Transport Commissioner,Mrs Loyola De Palacioresponded with a statement that "Europe has finally taken the political decision to launch this strategic programme. Today we are seeing the creative side of Europe. This is good news and it shows the European Union's capacity to carry out an ambitious industrial project that will create 150 000 highly qualified jobs and generate income of some 10 billion euro a year". Mrs De Palcio added it will "help Europe to maintain its autonomy, its sovereignty, its technological capacity and control of its knowledge".


  • Cooperation with the Mediterranean countries in the field of transport is on the agenda of the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Valencia on 22-23 April 2002;
  • The Transport Council plans to make "substantive progress" on the 'Single European Sky' during its meeting in June 2002; the Single European Sky should be realised by 2004;
  • The Council intends to make a statement before June 2002 on alpine transport.


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