US topples Finland as world n°1 in technology readiness report

The third report on ‘ICT readiness’ published on 9 November by the World Economic Forum says the US tops the index measuring an economy’s preparedness to benefit from ICT developments.

In a report issued on 9 December 2003 by the World Economic Forum, the US was ranked n°1 in the world on a scale measuring a country's readiness to benefit from Information Technology developments. Finland has dropped from first to third since the previous report with Singapore leapfrogging into second place. The current top five are : USA, Singapore, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Five other EU Member States appear in the top 20, including Germany (11), Netherlands (13), Luxembourg (14), UK (15) and France (19). The highest ranked accession country is Estonia (25), which lies just behind Belgium but ahead of Italy (28) and Spain (29).

The survey was based on a variety of indicators on ICT diffusion, ranging from the number of telephone lines and mobile phones to market penetration of television sets and cable TV to the number of personal computers, Internet users and public pay telephones. The study was released one day ahead of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which opens on 10 December in Geneva.

The survey also took into account opinions from business leaders on each contry's perceived political and regulatory environment or investment climate. This would explain the underperformance of South Korea (only 20th) which is often described by the Commission as the world's new reference country in terms of broadband penetration.


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